Life Of A Nappy-Headed Fat Chic

A journey of rediscovering myself, day by day, pound by pound.

Day 1: #SexyShred

The #SexyShred challenge is officially underway and I feel good about it so far.

Today I learned how I can make black coffee flavorful, simply by adding fresh berries and stirring. Others suggested adding freshly grated cinnamon, which I will try. It’s funny how we make lifestyle changes, but also find ways to adapt new plans to our current behaviors. I can’t give up coffee…not yet at least.

I also realized that I can’t work out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My days are long enough with work and school. I need my rest, so that extra 1.5 hours of sleep is crucial. I’ll work out Mon, Wed, Fri mornings and Sunday afternoons.

I went shopping for the week (I don’t recommend buying food for any longer than that as fresh food doesnt hold as long). Spent $23.14 total on chicken, turkey, and fresh veggies/fruits. Last night I made curried eggplant and grilled chicken. Also make a pot of collard greens. Yum!

First day has worked out well so far. I’m going to class and will grab a salad from the deli on my way. I’ve weaned myself off of most dressings, so that doesn’t concern me anymore.

I’ll be posting periodically throughout the challenge, checking in!

  • 4 September 2012
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