Life Of A Nappy-Headed Fat Chic

A journey of rediscovering myself, day by day, pound by pound.

Haven’t taken any gym shots in a while.

After the #SexyShred challenge, I find myself feeling in better shape than ever. I started Day 1 at 231 lbs and ended the challenge, 30 Days later, at 219lbs. It was a success. My goal was to reach 225 (my overall weight loss goal) and I totally smashed through that. Now it’s time to set a new goal.

So here’s where I struggle.

What does one do when one has lost all of the weight one has wanted to lose? In order to avoid regaining, I have to stay active and eat healthy. I got that. No problem. Now I’m wondering: Do I want to lose more weight? Should I push for 200? Should I try to get under 200? I don’t know.

Right now, I’m 6’0 and 219 lbs. My BMI is 29.7 which is just at the high end range of being “overweight” (25-29.9). Victory!! Yes!! I’m no longer OBESE!!! I started off “morbidly obese” at a BMI of 49. Should I aim to lower it to “healthy” range (18.6-24.9)? Or accept that muscle mass, which I’ve built up a great deal over time, skews the accuracy of this?

Healthy weight, for my height, ranges from about 140 to 185lbs. As I actually am one of those people with “big bones” (a more dense bone structure), I’m not sure I should follow those guidelines when it comes to goal setting. Hmmm. 

At 219 lbs I am able to wear as low as a size 12-14 pants, and M-L tops (some smalls, depending on cut). I’m perfectly fine with that. I was shooting for a 16 :)

So where do I go from here?

I’m not sure, but I’m definitely going to keep up the hard work, focus, and dedication until I figure it out.

  • 8 October 2012
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